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In California, Masons have many opportunities to give to their extended community.  Here are some examples:

Your gift to the Masonic Homes of California (TIN - 94-1156564) enables you to support Masons and their widows at the Masonic Homes campuses in Union City and Covina, as well as Masonic families and seniors in their own communities through Masonic Outreach Services and youth who struggle with behavioral issues through the Masonic Center for Youth and Families. These programs ensure that our fraternal family has the support necessary to cope with challenges at every stage of life.

Your gift to the California Masonic Foundation (TIN - 23-7013074) enables you to reach outside the fraternity in support of programs and partnerships that represent the missions and ideals of our Masonic organization, providing a public face for the profound difference that Masons make throughout the state. Foundation gifts advance the historic partnership between California Masons and public education, providing support for at-risk youth to gain valuable literacy skills and helping deserving high school seniors attend college and achieve success in life. Through our nurse education initiatives, we are revitalizing patient care in our state.

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