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From the Editor

Congratulations to the officer's elected at last night's Stated


  • Master - Robert Eckstein, PM

  • Senior Warden - Frederick Kao, PM

  • Junior Warden - Paul Rodriguez-Obrien

  • Secretary - Donald Schauer, Sr.

  • Treasurer - George Lumm, PM

The newly elected Master announced the following appointments to the officer's line:

  • Assistant Secretary - Bill Ferrell, PM

  • Senior Deacon - Brian Ross

  • Junior Deacon - Glen Sears

  • Chaplain - Kay Dunn

  • Marshal - J. Rafisura

  • Senior Steward - Phil Busch

  • Junior Steward - David Allen

  • Tiler - Bill Biddel

Here is a little information about our newest officer's:

Frederick Kao - A Past Master of San Leandro 113, Fred lives in San Leandro with his wife, Anna. With a background in construction, Fred has been a Mason for more than 35 years. He has been a member in good standing with Crow Canyon Lodge since 2006 and has served the Grand Lodge on their Taxation & Temple Properties Committee (1992-2001).

J. Rafisura - J. was initiated into Crow Canyon Lodge in March of 2016. He was raised in August of the same year and proved proficient in the 3rd Degree in September 2016. A Registered Nurse, he lives in Dublin with his wife Maria. He has filled in as Marshal for the past several 1st degrees and has proven an excellent ritualist.

David Allen - David was initiated into our lodge in 2010 and was raised on October 29, 2011. An IT professional, David has worked hard to secure the Castro Valley Masonic Center's computer network and has taken charge of our Child ID Program. He lives in the San Ramon area and is engaged to Kelly.

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