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Making Good Men Better

We have all started out the very same way, 3 knocks at the door, we've knelt for the benefit of prayer.

We have all knelt at the altar as Mister and risen as a Brother, no truer words were ever spoken.

We have all heard the teachings in our lodges. These teachings show us how to keep our passions within due bounds of all mankind. We as men and brothers are taught to treat people and each other with fairness and honesty. We are called to a higher level of understanding more than most men. Another thing that helps make us better men is that no hypocrisy or deceit is to be known among us as brothers.

These teachings have been passed down to us through the generations.

You may think, "No they can't make me a better man." but I am here to say, “yes they can” . . . only if you will listen to them.

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