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A Blast from the Past into the Future

By William M. Ferrell

The centennial committee has started to gather information for our 100 year celebration. As a part of that I was asked to write a history of our lodge. To give a good accounting I needed to start at the beginning of each of the eight lodges that comprise Crow Canyon No. 551. The oldest being Bay View No. 401, as we journey through the Grand Lodge communications and the four volumes of “One hundred Years of Freemasonry in California” we find a unique brotherhood of friendships and common interest and possible discourses that might have been at the beginning of these lodges. In some cases there is a detailed accounting of the lodge formation and others there is only what I can find in the Grand Lodge communications. I will be showcasing each lodge monthly. This is where I will need your help. If you have a story of significant interest or an antidote about your home lodge, please send it to me at:

So, here we go, I hope you find information useful to share with everyone. Our plan is to publish a booklet with each lodge’s information to be handed out during this once in a lifetime event.

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