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First Annual Chili Cook-Off

The Crow Canyon Lodge 551 Chili Cook-off 2019 was a great success. Although it was short notice, and combined with the August Potluck, we were able to field 4 contestants.

The Judges were: Roy Tamez PM HA, Bro. Les Blake HA, and Bro. Pat Quinn HA. (Is it a coincidence they are all Hiram Award Recipients?) To remove them from any distractions, we sequestered them in the kitchen while all outside waited to see what color the smoke was.

The 1st place award certificate and 2 ‘Chili Winner Dinner’ tickets went to Bro. Phil Busch! Congrats!!!

The other Chili contestants were Andrew Hawes, the lovely Jamie Hawes, and Paul Rodriguez.

The real winners here were the guests of the August Potluck who were able to judge for themselves as to which chili was their favorite.

Stay tune for the next years Chili Cook-Off event, and we look forward to taste your “Chili Extraordinaire.’

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