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From the East

By Paul Rodriguez-Obrien—Master

Brethren and Families,

I pray that you and your loved ones are all healthy and thriving during these uncertain times.

I have been listening to our elected officials, putting my ear to the railroad tracks, listening to grapes and their vines for any news on when we will all be able get back into our lodge. I need to report that unfortunately it won’t be this June. My opinion on when we can get back to lodge is probably going to be one month longer then whatever our State Governor and/or Alameda County Officials will permit for group gatherings.

Your officers and I are continuing to collaborate through an internet conferencing application called “Zoom”. This platform is commonly used for audio and/or video conferencing, and can host up to 100 callers sitting right in front of their personal computers.

During our last “Zoom Officers Meeting”, your Senior Warden Brian, brought up a fantastic idea of having our lodge host an event I’m sure will be a fun way for us Masons to get back together. Be sure to read his article this month for his exciting news!

During this meeting, we also agreed as a lodge to donate $500 to the Masonic Outreach Program, in helping our brothers in need.

I would also like to bring up the “The Distressed Worthy Brother Relief Fund”. This fund is being championed by John E. Trauner, our Grand Master. This fund “was created to help Masons who’ve been affected by COVID-19 rebuild their lives by providing them access to important resources, support, and emergency funds.” For those in urgent need, Masonic relief will be vital for helping them get through this difficult period. Every gift counts!” Should you need assistance, would like to give, or wish to learn more, please go to:

I want again to thank everyone who showed their brotherly love so far during these trying times, and assure you that should you need a helping hand going forward, please feel free to call any of your officers for help. Our phone numbers and email addresses are always to be found in this Trestleboard.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me via email or cell phone:, (510) 461-1071.

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