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From the East

By Paul Rodriguez-Obrien—Master

I’m very much looking forward to the time we will all be gathered again having dinners, attending lodge, and enjoying our family themed events. That day is not soon, but that day is coming, and it will be the best of times reuniting and catching up with all of you.

In order to keep some sort of “semblance of normality” in our Masonic year, I had asked for a Hiram Award committee to convene and propose three candidates for the CCL551 - 2020 Hiram Award. Their recommendations were made and I conferred with my Wardens. With that, we would like to formally bestow this honorable recognition to Ronald Katz, PM. as our 2020 Hiram Award designee.

In brief, we felt him highly deserving due to his tireless work with our lodge website (found at ), his devotion to coaching our brethren in their degree education and advancements (and refresher courses), and for years constructing our Trestleboard, which is crucial to your officers keeping you informed of Masonic outreach, events, and our works.

Congratulations Worshipful, I am honored to be the one to bestow our lodge’s highest award to you!

On another note, we had a web “Zoom” conference for the “Feast of Saint John the Baptist” on June 30th. It was a great success, and it was warming to see and interact with my Brethren during these unusual times.

I would like to utilize this same technology to have a general Lodge gathering on the night of August 20th at 7:00 PM. For this event, we plan on some Masonic education, maybe some research papers or we can have open floor topics to discuss import matters that you feel needs addressing.

We will be calling you shortly by phone to check-in to see how you are doing, and ask if you would like to attend this “Zoom” gathering.

Until then stay safe, stay healthy, and know you are a valuable part of our Masonry family. We are here to help and support you anyway we can. Just reach out and call us. Our phone numbers and email address are easily found within this Trestleboard.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me via email or cell phone:, (510) 461-1071.

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