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From the East

By Paul Rodriguez-Obrien — Master


By now you have received the letter informing you of the selling of the ‘Oakland Masonic Center’ building. This letter shows what we and other Masonic Lodges have invested, and the particulars of the proposal. As shareholders in the OMC building, we will be voting on this ‘proposal to sell’ during this month’s Virtual Stated meeting on June 3rd as required by Grand Lodge. So I hope to see you all there to make your voice heard.

We are also looking forward to meeting in person for Lodge during the July 1st Dinner and Stated Meeting. It’s about time!

We have worked on confirming that the lodge meets all reopening guidelines and safety considerations. However, we are still waiting to hear from Gov. Gav Newsom on the implementation of his “Reopening California” plan set to be enacted on June 15th. This plan will dictate what our final response will be in enacting our own “Reopening Directive” as set forth by our Grand Master Arthur Weiss.

I will do my best to inform every one of these changes. So until then, please plan for our ‘Grand Reopening Night’ as requiring a reservation from you prior to July 1st. Please do so by calling or emailing me, the Secretary, Senior or Junior Wardens, with your reservations and number attending.

When your party arrives at the lodge, be ready to present your Covid Vaccination Cards (or picture thereof) prior to being admitted into the lodge.

It is the hope of your Officers and I that after June 15th we won’t need to ask for reservations or your CDC card at that time, but until the restrictions are relaxed, we will need to follow the ‘Reopening Directive’ as is set forth currently (please see my last months’ Trestleboard article for particulars).

We are busy adding back onto the schedule many ceremonies. In July, we will confer the First Degree on Mr. Randy Lehman, who has been patiently waiting for the lodge to reopen so he could take his first step in becoming a Mason. Following this ceremony will be Bro. Osman (Ozzy) Ghani presenting his EA Proficiency. Please have a look at the updated Calendar in this month’s Trestleboard edition for additional planned events. (or here on our website).

Lastly, your officers and I would like to congratulate our newest member to receive his coveted 50 year pin, Bro. Scotty Larue Stroup, who was initiated on 1/27/1971. As he is in Texas, the Grand Lodge will mail him his Certificate and Pin as he requested. Congratulations Brother!

In wrapping up, I would like to remind you that your Officers are always just a phone call away should you need anything or would like to share something with the Lodge. Our phone numbers and email addresses are easily found within this periodical, and on the Lodge website.

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