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From the East

By Paul Rodriguez-Obrien — Master

Brothers and Families,

As you will read in this Trestleboard, we had our “Grand Reopening Stated Celebration”.

There were many preparations in making the night a success. The officers dusted off their rituals, the Rainbow Girls decorated the Lodge, the Chef and his Purveyors sharpened their cooking tools and prepared copious amounts of the best ingredients to welcome everyone back into our Masonic home.

As our brothers, families, and guests once again entered through the lodge doors, I was very proud to be a Mason and able to share that evening with my Officers, and everyone who had a part in making this reunion possible. We were all long parted family, about to reunite again with fine foods, rekindled friendships, and resumption of our Masonic rituals.

During the Stated Meeting, I was pleased to hear that I wasn’t the only one to feel that surreal moment of again sitting side by side with our brethren, after having just passed through the storm of a year and a half of quarantine.

Two weeks later, we were able to bestow our ‘Entered Apprentice Degree’ for our newest brother Randy Lehman. Randy applied to our lodge back in 2/2020, just before Covid hit, and waited until we were again able to resume our craft to become a Mason within our Lodge. That my brother shows fine integrity! Welcome Brother.

Immediately following that EA degree, Brother Osman (Ozzie) Ghani gave his EA Proficiency and delivered a very well written paper. This of which he has agreed to read during our August Stated Meeting.

Regarding our August Stated, we will call-up to Fellowcraft to hear Bro. Roger (Scott) Hamilton give his Fellowcraft Proficiency and Paper. This is another fine brother who has waited quite some time with patience to be able to advance to the next degree.

In keeping pace with this very full and recovered lodge year, please show your brotherly love and attend the double ‘Fellowship Degree’ for Bro. Ozzie Ghani, and Bro. Aaron Johnson on August 12th at 7:00 PM. This degree will be conducted by Bro. SW Andrew Hawes, and Bro. Brian Ross sitting in the East.

I would like to remind all that during our Covid Lockdown, we were able to do a virtual presentation of the Hiram Award for Wor. Ron Katz. This was a great event but we were not able to properly bestow our fondest appreciation for all that Ron has done and continues doing to show he is more that worthy for our lodges’ highest accolade. As such, please attend Ron’s Hiram Award Dinner (yes, it’s free!) on August 19th. We would like to see all previous Hiram recipients there to share their stories as well.

Finally, we have a lot of work to do before we are called from labor to refreshment, so please look to our busy Calendar every month to attend our functions and degrees! Your officers and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you all. Without your continued support, this resumption would not have been possible.

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