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From the East

By J. E. C. Rafisura — Master

As we begin the year 2023, I wish everyone a renewed spirit, vigor and energy to start afresh and tackle new endeavors and challenges for this year. New beginnings are always great opportunities to reset, regroup and refocus to take a shot at our goals and aspirations (both new and old).

As of this writing, mother nature has recently lambasted us with bomb cyclones causing stormy weather – which sunny California is not used to. The heavens opened up with heavy and steady downpours of rain for weeks, accompanied with gusty winds, flash floods, sink holes, landslides, power outages and all! I hope and pray that everyone is now safe. If you have been affected and still recovering from the recent calamity, please reach out to your lodge and know that we are here to help in whatever capacity we can.

On a lighter note, I am happy to inform you that your newly installed officers have survived their first Stated Meeting on January 5th. Everyone performed relatively well and quickly adjusted to our respective roles. Like in any first-of-the-year Stated Meeting, it was not perfect but that is all part of the process. As we have been taught, nobody started as a perfect ashlar. At the end (of the meeting), we all laughed it off, learned what there is to learn and made fun of our performances - my kind of brothers!

Immediate and pressing business was addressed during the meeting, including the formal installation of our Secretary Bro. Perry Klahr, who was not able to attend the December 17 installation. Upcoming events were also discussed and announced such as the “Sweethearts Initiative” (February 11) and our Annual Crab Feed (February 25). On January 26, we have scheduled a second degree conferral on brother Steven Dorough. The momentum continues as we follow it up with a “double” second degree conferral on our very first “father-son tandem”, brothers Charles and Jacob Herrick happening on February 9. Both of these events are open to all fellowcraft masons. I am hoping that more brothers can join us on this special occasion as we witness and celebrate their advancements.

Poising for a series of degree conferrals, your officers are also laboring to rehearse for the ceremonies. I would like to acknowledge brother Bob Soule, who participated in our practices and volunteered to perform one of the most important part in every degree conferral. It has been a while since brother Soule had been active in our lodge. It is with great appreciation that he reached out to me to offer his time and effort. Kudos to you, brother! If any other brothers want to participate in our activities, please know that you will always be welcome. I look forward to more brothers coming out and having fun with us!

Until then, keep safe. I look forward to seeing you at the lodge!

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