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From the East

By Robert Eckstein, PM—Master


Well, we ended August with a nicely attended Potluck and the 1st Annual Chili Cook Off! Please see the results of the Cook Off posted elsewhere in this Trestleboard. The 2019 Hiram Award was presented to our well deserving Brother Pat Quinn on Saturday August 10th. Everyone had fun and a great lunch. Our Annual White Table Night was also well attended. Everyone enjoyed fine food and dancing to a very good live band. Thank you Bro. Brian, our Jr. Warden, for a wonderful night!

September is also a busy month. We will present the Child ID program at the Castro Valley Fall Festival on Saturday and Sunday 9/7-9/8. Then on the following Saturday we have our Annual Lodge Picnic at the Golden Gate Steamers facility in Tilden Park. This is a free event but we need reservations so we will have enough food. Please RSVP to the Jr. Warden.

We plan to hold a 1st degree on the third Thursday of this month. Watch the calendar on our website ( and the Lodge App on your smartphone. If you have not installed the Crow Canyon Lodge App on your iPhone or Android phone do the following: On your phone go to then follow the instructions.

The 4th Thursday, 9/26, we will hold the Annual Past Masters’ Night and Roll Call. This is a free dinner event to honor the Lodges PM’s. All members are invited to come and say “HI!” to the Master who raised you.

On October 12, 2019 we will hold a Lodge Visitation to Carmel. Please let Wor. Kurt Allen know if you are interested. We plan on hosting lunch. Also hotel and dinner reservations will be available.

I look forward to seeing you in Lodge!

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