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From the Secretary’s Table

By Don Schauer, Sr—Secretary

Here we are writing about the events in June if we have any events at all. The corona-virus is on

everyone’s mind. The President just announce that everyone should wear a mask when outside of the home. A special project has been underway where the officers have tried to contact each of our widows to see if the lodge could be of any assistance. About a third of the telephone numbers we have on file are incorrect. It is important as a member of the Crow Canyon family that we have the correct information. I get a lot for changes of address from the trestleboard from the US Post Office which cost the lodge 66ȼ each. The cost of mailing out the bulletin and the return with the change of address comes very close to $1.00 each. It is very important that you let me know when you have moved and a contact telephone number. We have not forgotten you, and we do not want to lose you. You can contact me by phone at 510-258-0654 or my cell at 510-364-9429

Last month that I mailed 7 certified letters at $6.96 each to members who have not paid their 2019 and 2020 dues. If this is not taken care of the member who chooses not to pay his 2020 and 2019 dues will be suspended for nonpayment of dues. This is a part of the secretary’s duties that I do not like. We still have 30 members who have not paid their dues of which 5 members are two years in arrears.

Please everyone stay safe.

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