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From the Secretary’s Table

By Donald Schauer, Sr. —Secretary

My good friends, Brothers and Sisters at Crow Canyon Lodge. For the last 50 years Freemasonry has been a very important part of my life. Now I am having a hard time doing simple things like balancing the checkbook. I am making mistake after mistake in everyday matters. I cannot keep up with simple matters. This last episode with my foot has brought my Masonic path to a very hard and abrupt ending, my service to the lodge and my decades-long career as Lodge Secretary.

I have noticed for some time now that I was slipping. I have reached my 81st year of life and am starting to forget things. Everyday things. Not only in my lodge but in my home life. I will continue to help my lodge as much as possible by printing the lodge bulletin, programs, placemats and anything else you need. My masonic career of service is coming to an end. I will not seek re-election this year. I have loved every moment serving Crow Canyon. The lodge has been very good to me.

Editor’s note: Don, I believe I speak for the whole lodge when I say “thank you for all of your hard work and service. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed!”

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