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From the Secretary’s Table

By Donald Schauer, Sr. —Secretary

This will be my last message as your secretary. Brother Perry Klahr is replacing me and he is a very good fit. The lodge will be in good hands. He has the knowledge, and as a much younger person he knows computers.

I was first installed as Secretary in Foothill Lodge 564 in Oakland on December 1976 and it has been a wonderful ride ever since. It is time for me to pass the baton on after 42 years and relax, letting someone much younger and more knowledge.

Masonry has been very good to me and I like to think that I gave it my all. I have witnessed many changes in the craft over the years, some are very good and some I don’t care for.

I want to thank the officers that I have served with past and present, thank you for your support. It is my hope that the suprema being watch of the craft and our members. Everyone have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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