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From the Secretary’s Table

By Don Schauer, Sr., H.A.

The month of June is upon us and a lot happens during the month. For one, the Grand Lodge calculates our per-capita tax based upon our membership as of June 30th. We are charged $51.00 for each member on our rolls.

I have the unpleasant duty of furnishing the Master with the names of those members whose dues are in arrears for 2018 and 2019 and who will be suspended for nonpayment of dues. There are currently 6 members at risk of being removed for our roster and suspended from all rights and privileges afforded to the members of the lodge. Those who are suspended have one year to fulfill their obligation by paying all back dues.

The membership of Crow Canyon is currently composed of 22 Entered Apprentices, 5 Fellowcraft and 247 Master Masons for a total membership of 274.

To date, there are 20 members who have not paid their 2019 dues. The dues and per capita tax are $111.00. Please double-check your dues receipt and make sure you are current.

If you are financially unable to pay your dues, please contact the Master or myself and we can make arrangements to have your dues remitted.

Additionally, the Grand Lodge has a program called the “80/120” to protect our long-term members from losing their good-standing. Members who are 80 or older and whose age and years in good-standing combined equal 120 may have their dues remitted for the rest of their life. Don’t let your membership lapse and don’t forget your obligation.

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