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From the South

Hello my brothers! I sure do miss you all. It’s been a while since we are in this extraordinary times of global pandemic. Too much uncertainties of what lies ahead of us. I often wonder what’s going to be the ‘new normal’ once all these are over. How long do we still need to endure self-quarantine and physical distancing? What could be the future of Masonry and how are we going to preserve our time-honored ‘exercises’?

I could use a crystal ball right now to foresee the future, but then again, we are in uncharted seas. Well, I guess we do what we do best – persevere. Masonry had been in recorded existence for over 300 years. We all know it has seen better and worst days. This will be one for the books, worthy of a whole chapter. We will prevail and we will adapt to better our fraternity as whole. Years from now, history will be written in detail featuring the best and the worst of humanity. A number of Masonic lodges all over the world has emerged as ‘rock stars’ to have done extraordinary ways to help the community, fellow brothers and its widows. I have read and heard some lodges are doing their part in so many ways – donating food and lunch boxes to hospitals for the front-liners, volunteering to be part of community disinfection team in the wee hours while the rest of the world are sleeping, others are doing grocery runs for the elderlies and the highly susceptible, and so on.

Yes, we are in a crisis at the moment. But with every crisis, comes opportunities, Opportunities to reflect and to take actions. It is in trying times that men are separated from the boys. It is in difficult times that characters are being tested.

Crow Canyon lodge, under the leadership of Worshipful Paul, with the support of its officers and core members, have done it’s own little way of showing concern to its members and the widows. In the past few weeks, I had the honor to get in touch with a number of our members for the purpose of welfare checks and communicate the lodge’s offer to assist in supply runs and other errands, should members need help. I am glad to report that most of our members are hunkered down and are relatively doing well, being able to care of themselves, or at least with some friends or family members taking care of their needs. And even if they didn’t need our assistance as of the time of the call, the lodge’s gesture by getting in touch with each one of them via phone call just to make sure they are well, has surely resonated within them what Masonry is all about. My hope is for us to be able to get back to our usual routine and so we may again meet, act and part, physically.

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