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From the South

By J. Rafisura—Junior Warden

Brethren, I wish everyone good health and in high spirits. It’s been months since we sheltered in place. Presently, the situation is still very much fluid in terms of how we slowly get back to our “new normal” in response to this invisible enemy. Despite everything that’s going on, I’d like to look beyond the negative and strive to look for a vantage point where we are able to see the world as a whole, rather than as tiny, individual segments of humanity.

For now, I can only share a look back scenario that was imparted to us by a colleague, Dr. Granich. Most of us experienced significant crises such as wars, new diseases and other things that have altered society but from which we always came out better and stronger. The greatest pandemic ever was the black plague in which about a third of the world’s population died. It ended 800 years of a feudal society in which there was no growth in humanity. It led to the middle ages, the Renaissance, and eventually to the wonderful world we live in now. It freed us from slavery and fostered creativity. If it were not for the black plague, we would still be a feudal society without electricity or any of the modern conveniences in a world that devalued life and growth. We are now on a journey through a storm in turbulent seas. If we batten down the hatches, and work together we will get through this just fine. And the world will be a sweeter and brighter place when this is all over. Difficult journeys lead to beautiful destinations. We hear stories and legends about our brothers being rounded up and killed, burned alive, publicly executed. We learned of the times where Masons were not allowed to meet, disbanded and scattered all over Europe, lest they be killed.

Masonry has seen a lot of challenges. These challenges certainly helped shape our ancient fraternity to become the greatest in the world. With all these, as usual, I have to say, hang tight my brothers. Look to the East, where the sun will surely rise again tomorrow!

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