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From the South

By Brian Ross—Junior Warden

For those who do not know, I have Kjell Bomark-Noel (PM) to thank for my decision to take the Masonic journey. On account of his persistence in helping me discover the light - I’m forever indebted.

Kjell is now one of approximately 300 residents of the Masonic Home in Union City where he lives and receives post-stroke care. His membership in our fraternity has been invaluable to him as he daily receives the services and support he needs and likely could not afford. The medical personnel and facility are second to none and the Home itself is a well-run, warm place to live for any who might be fortunate to reside there.

As many of you know, the Masonic Homes were created in 1898 to assist widows and orphans of Masons.

They now offer homes to our brethren and their widows designed to maximize their quality of life. Not to mention – the premises are very pleasing to the eyes as you meander up to that old brick building from Mission Boulevard sitting atop 267 acres of rolling East Bay hills. Wildlife is found all over the grounds, like turkeys, deer, and even wild pigs roam freely for all to see. As a matter of fact, Kjell loves sitting in his room watching the hummingbirds feed on his feeders and the deer chewing on the grass outside his sliding glass door.

With that - I strongly suggest that those who have not done so – go walk the grounds of the Masonic Home. It is a treasure that you might well need one day. April’s Stated Meeting Roy will be cooking up breaded chicken. That young cowboy sure can cook! See you there!

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