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From the South

By J. Rafisura — Junior Warden

Greetings Brethren,

Finally, we have news that we are now very close to being able to have Masonic events and meetings! It is definitely welcome news for all of us who had been meeting virtually for months, if not a year! Currently, line officers, hall association officers and key members of our lodge are brainstorming to create a safety plan during events and meeting as required by the Grand Lodge. Safety Plan includes checking who had been fully vaccinated, creating a seat plan (for contact tracing, just in case), sanitizing the lodge, selecting health officers, etc. It looks like a lot of work – but all in the name of safety and accountability. Kudos to Wor. Master Paul for spearheading this project.

In a separate topic, we know that two of the contemporary great pillars of our lodge, Wor. Robert Eckstein and Wor. Kurt Allen will be moving out-of-state. My apologies for not being able to say goodbye personally. However, I have a strong feeling that we will see you both again pretty soon. My hope is for us to be able to do a hybrid meeting where we can allow members located remotely to join stated meetings or socials via Zoom or Teams. Wor. Robert was the sitting Master when I started my journey through the chairs. I remember a year when I had to fill and

move through 3 chairs (Marshall, Jr. Deacon, and Sr. Deacon). Wor. Robert has indeed reeled me into the officer’s line, and because of him, my heart sings with gratitude. Moving three chairs in one year was not an easy feat for me. As Marshall, I had to make good of my role as Marshall and deliver charges in all three degrees. I then had to quickly move through the chairs and learn the words and floorworks as Jr. Deacon and Sr. Deacon. All these, I could not have done without the patience and guidance of Wor. Coach Kurt. His coaching style and knowledge about how to perform in each role is impressive and as precise as clockwork. Thank you, Wor. Kurt. You have left a huge gap to fill as Officer’s coach and I am honored to be one of your “Padawans” (in reference to Star War’s Jedi-student, a youngling, apprentice, learner). Again, I say to both, so long and may the GAOTU bless you wherever you will be dispersed around the globe!

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