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From the South

By Brian Ross—Junior Warden

I want to congratulate Brother Pat Quinn on earning the Hiram Award. Since I have been a member of this Lodge, Pat has always been one of those hardworking, behind-the-scenes guys who keeps our lodge facility in good order. Furthermore, he is a key member (treasurer) of the Lodge Hall Association (Temple Board) who volunteered – yes volunteered – to take on the difficult job of “event coordinator” when no one else would step up the plate. On top of the time he spends tending to our facility, Pat is also very involved in and devotes much time to our DeMolay. Congratulations Pat!

By the time you read this our Public Schools Night (April 18) and Sweethearts Event (April 20) will have taken place. Thanks to Brother Adam Korbas for his work in putting on the Public Schools Night and to Perry Klahr for his work in putting on the Sweethearts Event (this year wine and painting).

May is a busy month. At our stated meeting on May 2 Roy will be serving Cinco de Mayo fare. On May 11 the Lodge will participate with the concordant bodies in the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade in Castro Valley (in Masonic regalia). The Masonic Home’s parade float will be used during the parade. On May 18-19 the lodge will provide “Child ID” services at the Rowell Ranch Rodeo. On May 18, our lodge volunteers – under the direction of Uncle Roy - will assist in the “Buckaroos” event at the rodeo designed for special needs children. Volunteers are needed for the entire weekend – I have participated at some point every year for the past 4 years and can verify the rewards of helping out – especially with the Buckaroos (oh the smiles we put on those kids faces).

To close out the month, on May 23 we have a first Degree for Mr. Ted Rucker and on May 30 we have our potluck and suggest attendees bring the following based on the first letter of their last name: A-H – Salad or Appetizer; I-Q – Main Course; P-Z - Dessert. Cheers!

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