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From the South

By Andrew Hawes — Jr. Warden

"Time flies." It is a saying we have all heard. "Where did the time go?" We ask ourselves, and "Wow. That went by quickly!" is frequently heard expressed, especially after a vacation or long weekend. Well, we are only given a certain measure of time to pass on this earth, it is up to us to spend it wisely... or squander it foolishly. I think it is important that we focus on experiencing our time as it passes. Don't look always ahead, planning what to do with that next big raise, or when the next vacation comes. Definitely don't look always behind, reminiscing about all the things that nearly happened, or could have gone differently. Remember the past, but do not dwell in it. Anticipate the future- but do not live only for it. Live in the now. Today may be the last one you get. Honor it. Embrace it. Maybe it won't be all that special of a today, maybe it won't pass with a fanfare of trumpets or a crash of symbols... maybe it will just pass- but you will still have lived it. Perhaps it will be your worst day ever, or seem so at the time, but remember that the light is only meaningful when created from darkness, and what does not kill us, makes us wiser. If you can, make time in your day to spend with those you love. Make yourself recognize the passing minutes and hours as moments to be lived, not just to exist in.

Death will eventually come for us all, and there is no stopping that. Do not race towards that moment, do not try to flee from it. Accept the truth of a mortal life, and make yours the best you can, while you can.

Masonry is a path we have chosen to tread while we travel down this level of time, “from whose bourne no traveler returns”, and we should take many useful and important lessons from it. Love your brothers. Care about their successes, and celebrate their prosperity. Be truthful, with yourself and with others. Help your fellow humans to make their best life happen, and rejoice in their happiness. We are all a part of this vast machine crafted by the same divine hand, and framed by the same divine artist. We need to participate in the workings of this vast machine, and not just let it move around us. Be part of our world.

Make your life well-lived, no matter how much time it takes to live it.

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