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From the South

By Brian Ross—Junior Warden

I hope all of you gave your mother that special love she deserves on Mother’s Day. My mother ended up in the hospital that day and remained there a week with respiratory issues. Although she is going to be fine,

I recognized that my siblings and I have taken her and my father for granted in their twilight years. I credit my involvement in this fraternity for my maturing attitudes towards my aging parents, family and friends. In this fast-moving world of ours it is easy to forget those who provided the groundwork for what each of us is now. Anyhow, here is a shout out to my mom and dad, I love you both and thank you for providing me emotional and financial support that got me where I am today.

On another note, the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade was a truly fun affair involving the lodge and appendant bodies. The Little Buckaroos at the Rodeo was fulfilling and the Child ID was a mess in the rain. A lot of volunteers from our lodge showed up despite the weather – that was great to see!

The feast of Saint John is scheduled for June 22, 2019. See myself or J. Rafisura at June’s Stated Meeting for details or to sign up.

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