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From the South

By Andrew Hawes — Sr. Warden—Elect

December is both a month of endings, and of beginnings. It marks the end of the calendar year, of course, and the end of many financial periods. It’s also the end of our term as officers – Brian Ross has completed his year as Worshipful Master, and will be stepping down, and the rest of us have come to the end of our current term – but that leads us to the other side of endings, since Worshipful Brian will become our Jr. Past Master, and Chaplain, and we will start our centennial year with a new Worshipful – J will lead us into our 100th year!

Christmas, one of the best known holidays in December, is a celebration of beginnings – all of Christianity can be said to have begun with the birth of Christ, after all. While most beginnings are less impactful on the course of history, it’s important that we have them in our lives.

“Stuck in a rut” “same old, same old” “running on the hamster wheel” – we’ve all heard an expression or two about life moving forward in the same way, day after day – it’s important that we all make an effort to keep our lives from getting too monotonous! Trying new things, learning new skills, meeting new people – there are far too many new things in the world for us to know them all or do them all – but that’s no reason to stop learning and experiencing them!

I’m looking forward to beginning my time as Senior Warden for Crow Canyon Lodge, and acting as best I can as J’s right hand as we travel through the new experiences of our 100th year as a lodge, while planning for the following year, when I will hopefully be elected as Master, ending my year while starting a new one, yet again.

Whatever your holiday traditions, however you expect to end this year and start the new one, I wish you the best in them.

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