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From the South

By Brian Ross—Junior Warden

My bond with my Masonic brothers is strengthened by participating in our lodge events. In September, I had a great time with all of you at the ever-popular Lodge Picnic. I understand over 50 brothers, friends and family members attended and all had a great time – that is fantastic. In fact, I am happy to say that our latest candidate, Ted Rucker, attended and appeared to have a pleasant experience. Thanks goes out to John Smith and the Golden Gate Live Steamers for allowing us the use of their facility and providing train rides to the big and little ones.

My favorite event receives almost no participation and I am unsure why. Our Sportsmen’s Club has put on 2 fishing trips this year out of Half Moon Bay and both were a blast. I am perplexed why there was so much demand for such a club from our brothers but almost no participation since the club has been formed. What do we need to do to make this lodge club more interesting for you? I look forward to your suggestions.

On behalf of the officers, I solicit all ideas that give us all the opportunity to gather together for the purpose of friendship and brotherly love.

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