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From the South

By Brian Ross—Junior Warden

In 1974, my home in Kentucky was completely destroyed by an F-5 tornado. My family and I were in the basement before the twister hit and after it was all said and done – we all walked away without injury. However, our house was gone – literally the only thing left was the basement. Obviously, though we were all physically okay – it was an emotionally traumatic incident for us (I was only 11 years old at the time). We did lose everything we had in that tornado and it took us years to recover in terms of earthly things. However, that did not matter – we were thankful that we had escaped with our lives. That was all that was truly important.

Today, the mega-fires burn our beautiful state and bring much harm to our neighbors. I pray for all who come into harm’s way, but particularly to those ravaged by the fires these past three years – many of whom have, like my family, lost everything and may never fully recover. I can only imagine how many of our brothers have fallen victim to the flames. I keep them and their families in my prayers.

My point: Be thankful that you are alive and can enjoy life itself – be generous to those without – and do not fret over the small things. Happy Thanksgiving Brethren.

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