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From the West

By Brian Ross—Senior Warden

Brethren, I wanted to close out the year by wishing you all happy holidays. I have enjoyed serving as Junior Warden this last year. Working with Uncle Roy, the DeMolay, Rainbow Girls and Jobs Daughters in putting on our various meals was a real treat. More importantly, I am anxiously looking forward to my tenure as your Senior Warden this year. It is my hope and desire to rekindle relationships with brethren who have not returned to the lodge for one reason or another. Furthermore, I understand that we have a number of degrees coming up in the first quarter. Expect me to contact you personally to encourage you to attend the degrees as a participant or sideliner. I remember my degrees were heavily attended and I am hopeful that we can return to the days when all brothers felt it important to show their individual support for a new or advancing candidate.

I look forward to working in support of Worshipful Paul in making 2020 a fulfilling and exciting year. For example, he is planning a magnificent visitation this year the details of which are forthcoming. Certainly his stamp on the lodge will be different and enticing for all.

Last but not least – all my thanks to Worshipful Robert for all he has done for our lodge – particularly over the last two years. I am not sure that our lodge would have survived given the exodus to other newly formed lodges by our members. All I can do is encourage each and every one of you to consider joining the line and becoming intimately involved in lodge ceremonies and celebrations – it is more than worth the cost of time.

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