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From the West

By Brian Ross—Senior Warden

Well we are just into Paul Rodriguez O’Brien’s Masonic year and things could not have gone any better for our double-first degree ceremony on January 23, 2020. Not only did the ceremony go well, but I was happy to see many sideliners present in support of our new brethren.

Many of you received a group email from me before the double first-degree seeking your attendance. I plan to expand my invitations as I compile current email addresses for all of you.

Please contact me at any time with your current email address to insure you get a reminder/invitation regarding upcoming degrees. Our ceremonies are more satisfying when all participate and its my goal to nudge you all into attending!

Our next degree is tentatively set for March 12, 2020 and will be a double-second degree. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend what many feel is the most interesting and fulfilling of our Masonic ceremonies.

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