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From the West

I hope all of you are sheltering in place as required by our governor.  I do not care about your political affiliation but I believe he is doing a great job under the circumstances.  We all want things to get back to normal as soon as possible but simple common-sense dictates otherwise.  Stay safe – stay at home – distance yourselves!

I had the pleasure of contacting several of our Masonic widows since the pandemic broke out and those I spoke to reported that they had their lives under control.  If any of our brothers, wives or families need assistance during these rough times please contact the Lodge and if we can help you can count on us doing so. 


I would like to thank Jerry Garcia for calling me to ask if I need help during this difficult time. Since I live in San Jose and far from Sid’s Lodge, I did not expect a call offering help if I needed it. I very much appreciate the call and offer. I have help from friends and am doing fine. If that changes, it is nice to know that I can call. Thank you! Sincerely, Linda C Widow of Sidney C, PM


On a happier note – the Lodge is being cared for during this lay off.  The front lobby floors have been replaced and the lights in the banquet room have been replaced with brighter ones.  The building exterior is also being addressed for dry rot.  Thanks to Brothers Bill Biddell and Pat Quinn for all their efforts – they are a Godsend to our Lodge!

I look forward to seeing you all at the Lodge in the near future. 

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