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From the West

By Brian Ross—Senior Warden


I have had a wonderful time contacting widows and many brothers we haven’t seen in a while. It’s interesting speaking to you all about how you are coping with the pandemic, fires, etc. I am happy to report that each widow and brother I have spoken to has been in high spirits without much complaint. If any of you need assistance from the lodge - just call and ask - we will do what we can.

I hope all of you have availed yourselves to the great series of historical and reflective video seminars offered by the Grand Lodge. I thoroughly enjoyed the recent historical perspectives on the Masonic influence upon our American Revolution and the Gold Rush. I strongly urge that you peruse the offerings - you will find subjects to your liking I guarantee it.

Finally, on a more important note - I want to encourage all candidates to continue mastering their work to advance in the degrees. At some point t we will get the green light to open and your Lodge officers want to accommodate you as expediently permitted.

From the West - stay safe and well.

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