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From the West

By Brian Ross—Senior Warden

Brethren, as many of you are aware, our Grand Master is from the Gold Country and has tried to bring a little of that history as it pertains to Masonry to the fore.

As I have written before, I have enjoyed the educational series put on by the Grand Lodge by video platform. I have especially enjoyed the programs involving Masonry and the California Gold Rush.

To wet my whistle, I took the time this summer to travel Highway 49 and was treated to a wealth of Masonic sites to and including the historical lodges in Sutter Creek, Mariposa, Sonora and Columbia. Thereafter, I traveled to the Eastern Sierra and the high desert near Bridgeport, Mammoth Mountain and Mono Lake, California. Masonic history can be found deep in the hills at the ghost town in Bodie, California where the Masonic section of the old pioneer cemetery is a real treat to see. Poking around on the off-road I once again discovered the old ghost town of Masonic, a gold mining town founded by our early pioneering brothers. While marveling at the ruins, an elderly man and his wife drove up and I had the pleasure of speaking to them about the mine and its Masonic history. Come to find out, he was a member of the Masonic Lodge in Bishop, California. (Winnedumah Lodge #287) and was fluent in the history of our Masonic brothers in the Eastern Sierra.

On this particular visit, he was surveying the area in an effort to find “Jubal__, Jubal__ and Jubal__” mines which are said to be found somewhere in the hills nearby. What a summer!

It goes without saying again – I can’t wait to get back to lodge and enjoy all of the brotherly love and friendship we all miss so much. Let’s hope that our wait is about to be over!

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