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From the West

By Paul Rodriguez-Obrien—Senior Warden

My Brothers,

As you once asked a Mason how do you become one, you may have (or had) the honor to sponsor a new brother into our fraternity. There will be many questions of both of you, so here are a few answers from our go-to for all things Masonry;

Many men who come to our fraternity say that they are looking for three things: To form true friendships; to learn and improve themselves and to make a difference. Here are some conversations to have with your Prospect.

Explain what Masonry is.

  • Masonry is the world’s first and largest fraternity

  • We are a brotherhood of like-minded men who genuinely care about each other.

  • We develop lifelong friendships with fellow Masons and their families.

  • Masons believe that each man has a responsibility to help make the world a better place. We work to improve ourselves, our brothers, our families, our communities, and our future.

  • Most importantly, speak from your heart. Let them know what Masonry is to you, and why you became a Mason.

Explain the process of becoming a Mason.

  • ·Explain to your prospect that the process of becoming a Mason will take 6 to 12 months of getting to know one another and building friendships.

  • Talk about the time commitment as a candidate and as a member.

  • Financial obligations. IE: Application fees (currently $404), and yearly dues (currently $111).

  • If your prospect has questions that you don’t know the answer to, feel free to get back to him at a later time or to reach out to any of the Lodge Officers for more information. Our contact information is within this Trestleboard.

These questions to ask your Prospect will address their intent to join, and reveal character and interests:

  • Why do you want to become a Mason?

  • What do you want to learn from Masonry?

  • What are your expectations of membership?

  • How do you spend your leisure time?

  • How are you currently involved in the community (or how would you like to be more involved)?

  • Do you see yourself participating in our lodge as someone who creates and manages events, or as someone who plays a supporting role?

  • Do you currently have, or are you interested in developing, deep friendships with people significantly older or younger than you?

Next Steps

  • Encourage your prospect to meet with other members of the lodge; connect him with members who can provide more information, or who may have similar interests.

  • Invite your prospect (and his spouse/partner, if applicable) to attend a lodge event or stated meeting dinner as your guest. Suggest ways that he can volunteer or participate.

  • If you feel that another nearby lodge might also be a good fit for him, offer to connect him to that lodge’s master or secretary.

  • Invite him to reach out to any of the Lodge officers for more information. Our contact information is within this Trestleboard.

Thank you! Your efforts to get to know your prospect will help him make the best choice for himself and will help our lodge admit members who are the best fit for us all.

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