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From the West

By Brian Ross—Senior Warden

Happy Holidays to you all! The coming of the COVID vaccines means life might actually return to some normality in the coming months. Until then, please heed the Governor’s mandate – wear a mask and distance – and try to avoid that holiday gathering although it hurts to do so. Your life could depend upon it.

As many of you know, the officers decided to remain in their chairs for the year 2021. It is my sincere hope that, despite the COVID mess, Worshipful Paul is able to do many of the things he had planned for us this past year. I look forward to supporting him and the other officers in getting the Lodge back on track sometime next year.

Finally, we have added three new officers to our line. Brother Pat Quinn has generously volunteered to take over the Treasurer position in place of the outgoing Brother George Lumm. Brother Tremaine Ellison has stepped up as Marshall and Brother Aaron Johnson will cover the Junior Steward’s chair. A sincere thanks goes out to all three of you!

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