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From the West

By Brian Ross — Senior Warden

For those of you who do not know, we are losing our long-time Officer’s Coach, Worshipful Kurt Allen and our Chaplain, Worshipful Robert Eckstein. The Lodge owes both a great debt of gratitude for their years of tireless service and direction.

I have known no other Coach but Kurt since I was raised in the Lodge. Over the years, he has always been available for instruction to me and the other Officers no matter the time or place. His generosity of time and dedication to making us better Officers has really paid our Lodge huge dividends.

As you all know, Robert stepped into our line as Worshipful Master and served two years out of necessity. As important, he has been a mentor to me and the other Officers on all matters of the Lodge. While Robert sat as Chaplain, Worshipful Paul, myself and our Junior Warden, Jay Rafisura, all looked to him for his wisdom and direction ensuring our ceremonies and Stated Meetings ran smoothly.

I could go on – but all of you are aware of just how important these Brothers have been to our Lodge. Good luck in Kentucky, Kurt and all the best in Illinois, Robert!

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