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From the West

By Brian Ross — Senior Warden

What a great First Degree we had at the Lodge on July 15, 2021! Welcome Brother Randy Lehman! It felt good to get one under our belts because it has been so long. I am looking forward to our Second Degree next month - brother please show up and support our brothers on their journey!

As many of you know Uncle Roy is laid up with a back injury. You cannot take the cowboy out of that incredible brother and I hope he recovers soon! I hear brother Mark Finger will be running the show at our August Stated Meeting and I am looking forward to his selection of vittles. Let's all support Mark, Bob, Les, Johnnie, Dane, Phil and the rest of the purveyors in having a great meal.

We will be having special events on the first three Saturdays in August. Rock Cod Fishing, Breakfast at Normans, and the Livermore Gun Range. Check the calendar for info and call me for details.

Look forward to seeing you all at the Lodge and out in the field.

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