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From the West

By Brian Ross — Senior Warden

I look forward to seeing the Brethren at our October 2021 Stated Meeting - the new line officers will be sitting in their prospective chairs as a prelude to 2022.  There is much work to be done and I hope you will attend and participate as your input into Lodge affairs is always valued and appreciated.

Our Lodge is alive and well with new prospects, candidates and those seeking to affiliate.  In October, we will have our Visitation in Mendocino where a double-third degree will be conducted for Brothers Tremaine Ellison and Aaron Johnson.  If you need a ride up to the visitation - contact me and we will see what can be worked out.  That ceremony will be followed up by a month of third degrees over the balance of October presumably for Brothers Scott Hamilton and Osman "Ozzie" Ghani.  

Please make plans to attend our Lodge Installation on December 4, 2021.  Reservations are a must - you can call me or Junior Warden J. Rafisura to make you early-bird reservations.  

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