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From the West

By J. E. C. Rafisura — Sr. Warden

Greetings, brethren! Spring has finally sprung! My prayers are for all of us to be in good health and high spirits for the rest of the year and the years to come. So far, Crow Canyon’s Masonic year has been cruising well. As you all know, we did two double first degrees (that’s four newly-minted brothers!) in February! Shortly thereafter, I had the pleasure of talking to each of their coaches and received wonderful reports on their progress! I have no doubt that it won’t be long until we will be having a series of second degrees!

Speaking of second degree, we will be having an FC degree conferral upon brother Blaine Deaton on March 17, 2022. Brother Deaton has long been ready for his EA proficiency but due to the pandemic, there have been some delays. Now, the time has come, and he will have his EA proficiency at open lodge and the conferral will follow immediately after. As your SW, it is my turn to sit in the East. I would like to invite FCs and up to join and support our candidate and your officers as he embarks on a journey to his progression.

At the moment, we do have plenty of applications to attend to. Our Investigation Committee are getting busy doing what they do best – making sure we make good men better, as they say. I have noticed that lately, newer members and applicants are coming from the younger age-group. In the coming months or years, it would be interesting to see how these new and younger Masons bring in new ideas/activities into our almost 100-year-old (99!) lodge! Well, for sure, all the ancient masonic traditions will be preserved under the watchful eyes of the “once-young” members and the Grand Lodge. But what I am talking about is the “culture” of the lodge in general. I guess only time will tell how we handle the “balance” of life as ”tradition” is now starting to meet “innovation”. Interesting indeed as we approach our Centennial Anniversary next year!

Please check our calendars for more events and scheduled ceremonies. In April, together with your WM and JW, I will be attending a Masters and Wardens Leadership Retreat in Lake Tahoe, California. We hope to bring back useful insights and best practices to effectively and efficiently manage our fraternity in general and our lodge in particular. Cheers to Spring!

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