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From the West

By J. E. C. Rafisura — Sr. Warden

Brethren, I am pleased to announce that so far, since January 2023, we have initiated 4 new brothers. One of whom, Bro. Jesse Bridgeman, quickly demonstrated his EA proficiency, in tandem with Bro. Blane Deaton. Both received their 2nd Degrees following their stellar EA examination performances. I heard that Bro. Jesse is currently doing well with his FC studies (under the tutorial of William Ferrell PM). I am sure that it will not be long until we will start scheduling for another 3rd degree! Also, I have pre-qualified EA Jake Andreotti for his EA proficiency at open lodge. As of this writing, his examination is scheduled on 4/28/22. His 2nd Degree conferral will follow immediately. All FC’s and up are cordially invited!

Worthy to be mentioned are our brothers who are also laboring for their proficiencies of the 3rd Degree. Most notables are Bro. Aaron Johnson, Bro. Tramaine Ellison, Bro. Scott Hamilton, Bro. Ozzie Ghani and Bro. Orrin Benedict. If there are any other brothers who are silently working on their proficiency, please let me know so I can furnish them with suitable assistance. We will continue to follow their journey and I will continue to give the brotherhood updates. We all know what it means when a brother works on his 3rd Degree proficiency – it means that he wants to serve as a future principal officer and pillar of our lodge! Let us continue to support and encourage their effort and genuine intentions!

Time flies too fast these days and I have a feeling that this year will pass like a breeze (gusty at times). In the meantime, let us enjoy the ride, be part of the activity planning sessions and participate in our upcoming events. For some reason, I am excited about the “Volcano” Lodge visitation. There is something in the lodge name that smells like fun! Don’t miss out and watch for announcements.

If any brothers fancy a hike, bike ride, trip to the firing range, or an opportunity to bait a hook, please approach any of our officers. We will point you to the right brother (or group of brothers) who have the same interests and schedule an activity! Do you like bourbon and/or cigars? I may know a few brethren who do as well. By creating meaningful memories, we establish lasting friendship and demonstrate brotherly love.

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