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From the West

By Paul Rodriguez-Obrien—Senior Warden

It has probably been a while and you may be a little rusty on your Masonic education, but are you “Smarter than an Entered Apprentice”?

What are we teaching these new guys, and is it the same as what you were taught when you were going through the degrees? …Yes, we can find differences between lodges and rituals everywhere, so let’s set the mark by answering these questions as they are done in California lodges today.

Let us begin…

1. During the 1st degree, the Worshipful appears to like you, and offers something to you at the altar. What is it? What did that signify?

2. Later, on your returned to the lodge, your guide placed you in a location that is near the Worshipful Master. Where was that location, and why there of all places?

3. Your new found ‘True and Trusty Friend’ asked of you during his charge, that you maintain those truly Masonic Ornaments. What would they be?

4. When is it proper to display the “Flip Wilson Handshake”? Before, during, or after Lodge?

5. Who sits in the North?

A. No one.

B. The Executive Chef.

C. The Lodge Attorney.

D. Elijah or Euclid. Whoever shows up first.

6. What is “squaring the lodge”, and when does this happen?

7. What are those two brick-shaped stones ‘In the East’ called? Why are they there?

8. Explain our understanding of Chalk, Charcoal, and Clay.

9. In the first degree we hear of Aaron, and how the dew ran down his beard, and unto his garments. …who was his older Brother?


10. What is the formula for the “Pythagorean Theorem”?

That’s it, my Brothers! Now the rub… The answers to these questions will be given at the June 6th Stated meeting, by yours truly; Senior Warden Paul. See you all there!

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