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From the West

By J. E. C. Rafisura — Sr. Warden

As we enter the last quarter of the year, we look back and reminisce about all the wonderful things that we have done since January. We opened the year with a series of double degree conferrals, several successive practices, the much-anticipated Crab Feed, Car shows and all! We have done a lot and had been busy since the beginning of this year. Also, there are lots of candidate examinations, leading to more degree conferrals. Huge thanks to our candidate’s coaches who dedicated their time and effort in providing guidance and direction to ensure that our candidates are well educated to practice the art and science of our time-honored craft.

Currently, our membership has grown in number but also, I noticed an increased diversity. We now have younger generations in our fold (20’s), along with those with different ethnic, religious, cultural, and professional backgrounds. Yet, despite our diversity, we remain in harmony and stronger than ever, learning and sharing each other’s ideas, viewpoints, interests, culture, among other things. As I witnessed the evolution of our lodge, I have nothing but high hopes for the future of our lodge. For we all know that as the world is inherently diverse and keeps on evolving, it is also in diversity that we learn from each other, grow, evolve, and adapt as individuals, as a fraternity, and as a nation. Per Grand Lodge, the diversity of a blue lodge should reflect the diversity of its community. I could not agree more. Afterall, our fraternity speaks so much about tolerance, freedom of thought, being open to one’s beliefs, religion, or opinions. Freemasonry is founded based on fidelity, respect, and inclusion to all good men who, in his own free will and accord, genuinely seeks further light and truth to better himself.

Entering the Fall season, our lodge cruises into a few remaining activities such as stated meetings, DOSI’s, installation practices and series of planning sessions for next year’s activities. Speaking of activities, please note that we will be forming brand new committees to handle increased activities and events next year. As a start, in addition to the Centennial Committee, we will be forming an Inter-lodge Relations Committee to strengthen our ties with other lodges. Its members may act as lodge “Ambassadors”. They can also work together with our Traveling/Visitation Committee as appropriate. New committee members will also be appointed to our existing committees. Through the years, we can all agree, that from time to time, we can use fresh legs and energy to revitalize some committees and keep them running for the next 100 years! Anybody interested to be a part of next year’s working committee are most welcome. Please let me or any officer know if you so desires.

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