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From the West

By Paul Rodriguez-Obrien—Senior Warden

On June 29th our ‘CC551 Sportsman Club’ went Salmon fishing. We had 8 Masons, along with friends and family, to bring our outcast’s number to 17 fishers on board. The Biggest fish of the day was caught by Brother Greg Egelston of Mendocino lodge 179, who is the father-in-law to our EA Brother Aaron Johnson. The event was so much fin that we decided to try to squeeze in one more outing before the end of this year.

The next cruise will be for Rock Cod (and possibly crab). So should you like to ‘Man the Rails’ with your fellow lode Brethren, then email me at or call and leave a message on my phone (510) 461-1071. I’ll then get some idea of interest and be able to get some pricing.

Brothers, our Secretary for the last several years (and a Secretary of 43-ish years), Don Schauer is currently in a Transitional Care Facility until early September. He is doing well, and the leg cast he’s now sporting should help in slowing him down for a time. Please contact me so that I can relay his contact info, or you can look up his cell number within our ‘Lodge App’.

During our June Stated meeting, it was brought up that a past popular event was a “Chili Cook-Off”. This was before my time at our lodge, so in researching other cook-offs, I found that this is a serious event with stringent rules and protocols. I was thinking we could rather ‘Mainstream’ this event and combine it with our last 2019 Potluck on August 29th. Unfortunately time is too tight to get a large well planned event, so I would like to offer up the idea of a test run ‘Chili Cook-Off’ at this month’s potluck. At least we will be able to see if we can separate the contenders from the weekend warriors.

Do we have a fellow lodge brother that would care to write a short article? Pose a question? Share their Masonic story? Email me your article (of 500 characters or less) and I’ll do my best to get it in the Trestle board for you.

Lastly, and spoken by many of your brothers; “Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again” See you at the next Stated Meeting my Brothers.

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