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From the West

By Lyman Penning, PM — Sr. Warden

I wish to congratulate Adam Brissey and Nick Beardo on being passed to the degree of Fellowcraft on May 16th We will have either a first or a second degree on Thursday. June 27th at 7:00 PM. 

We will be receiving more applicants for the degrees of Freemasonry in June. So candidate coaches, be ready for more ritual work. Again, anyone who wishes to help with candidate coaching, please contact me, as I expect Crow Canyon Lodge to be quite busy.

Our Worshipful Master will be on vacation starting June 6th. Therefore, I will be in the East for the June Stated Meeting. It has been decided that we will dress in Hawaiian Shirts for that night. Let's all wish Wor. Hawes and his family a good time during his vacation.

See you at lodge.

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