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From the West

By Paul Rodriguez-Obrien—Senior Warden

My Brothers:

It’s that time of year again that we as a lodge have the opportunity to make a difference on how our craft is interpreted and practiced through the Grand Lodge. Our lodge will be sending the WM, SW, JW, and a Past Master (chosen by our lodge's other Past Masters) to convene at the Grand Lodge in San Francisco for the 170th Annual Communication, from October 18-20th.

I ask you to please show up to our next Stated Meeting on October 3rd to hear more on what was carried over from last year, and what’s up for consideration this year.

To look over the legislation that will be addressed this year, please check out the instructions in Wor. Eckstein’s article. For those that don’t have or remember your Username and/or Password, here is a quick look at the legislation that will be briefly covered at our next Stated, prior to the “Annual Communication”.

RESOLUTION No. 18-04: Removes restrictions on holding a tiled meeting on a Sunday.

RESOLUTION No. 18-05: Modifies the Installation ceremony.

RESOLUTION No. 19-01: Permits calling up at stated meetings for Masonic Education.

RESOLUTION No. 19-02: Allows Masonic membership with single conviction.

RESOLUTION No. 19-03: Increases refreshment revolving fund.

RESOLUTION No. 19-04: Allows option to compensate Treasurer.

RESOLUTION No. 19-05: Requires disclosure why a member is excluded from a meeting.

RESOLUTION No. 19-06: Requires pledge of allegiance at all Masonic meetings.

RESOLUTION No. 19-07: Permits lodges to meet no fewer than four times annually.

RESOLUTION No. 19-08: Permits partial remission of dues.

RESOLUTION No. 19-09: Requires application for reimbursement of mileage to Grand lodge.

We, your principle Officers, look forward to hearing what your views are on the above matters, and will take your concerns or praises with us as we head-off to cast our four Lodge votes on your behalf.

Lastly, I would like to state that any Master Mason within, or recognized by, our Grand Lodge may be present during any Annual, Special, or Ceremonial Communication (CMC 403.030).

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