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From the West

By Paul Rodriguez-Obrien—Senior Warden

As you recall, I brought up in my last Trestleboard article and again at our October Stated Meeting, the legislation that all ‘F & AM of CA’ lodges would have the opportunity to vote on.

Our four allotted lodge votes were cast by: our Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden and Kurt Allen, PM, HA.

The following Grand Master Recommendations passed:

No. 1: Amends the Required Period to Constitute a New Lodge

No. 2: Allows Inspector to Approve Change of Meeting Location, Date and Time Due to Inclement Weather or Hazardous Conditions

No. 4: Authorizes Pre-Trial Mediation

No. 6: Allows Conviction in Uncontested Matters After Such Investigation as the Trial Master May Determine

No. 7: Increases the Accused’s Participation in the Pre-Trial Process

The following Carry-Over Resolutions from 2018 passed:

No. 18-04: Removes Restrictions on Holding a Tiled Meeting on a Sunday

No. 18-05: Modifies the Installation Ceremony

The following 2019 Resolutions passed:

No. 19-01: Permits Calling Up at Stated Meetings for Masonic Education

No. 19-03: Increases Refreshment Revolving Fund

No. 19-04: Allows Option to Compensate Treasurer

As you read through this summary of the Legislation results, you may have questions as to the full meaning, implications, and how your officers voted. I would very much enjoy having this discussion with any and all interested brothers. See you soon my brothers!

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