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From the West

By Paul Rodriguez-Obrien—Senior Warden / Master-elect

My Brothers,

As we close the year this month, I look back at my time serving the craft, as Your Senior Warden.

It has been my singular honor to have had the privilege of working with all the Officers, and my Brothers as we supported each other and did good deeds through our Lodge.

I would especially care to give my highest regards and respect to WM Robert Eckstein who led steadfastly this year and last, giving us opportunities, ideas and direction, to chart a strong course toward becoming a Lodge all can be proud of. With his experience serving as a WM in 3 different lodges, he was able to bring different ideas and traditions which allowed us to try different things, and we have.

As the Senior Deacon declares, “To carry orders from the Worshipful master in the East, to the Senior Warden in the West...”, It has been a joy to be part of the resurgence of Crow Canyon Lodge, by spurring our team to do things differently, while encouraging and promoting an Officers line with fresh new faces.

In our projects and events, we have seen a new attitude, not only throughout the Officer Line, but also with you, the Craft, that showed a new enthusiasm, dedication and work, pitching in to help at every turn. All of us have been infused with a new energy to do the things necessary, to bring Masonry out to our communities.

The strength of a Lodge lies in you – not in a few men who volunteered to lead. I am profoundly grateful for your willingness to join in the tasks. Leadership isn't about wielding authority – it's about empowering people, and I for one, feel ready and well supported to be your WM in the ensuing year.

Working with all, “On the Level”, and especially on the Level of Time, proves that we as Masons can best work and best agree all the time, when working toward a greater cause.

It has been a pleasure serving this year, and I thank all of you for your support and confidence.

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