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Masonic Family Corner

The daughters of Job’s Bethel No. 1 are ready to get back to our usual, in person, meetings. Even though we have been Zooming and keeping our friendships and “online” activities going. Please keep us in mind when you are having lodge events and we in turn will again start our monthly announcements. This year our Grand Bethel was by way of the internet and we were able to use the Castro Valley Masonic Center’s big screen to interact with the festivities. Next year we sure hope to be able to have an in person Grand Bethel to support Mr. Curt Conyers who will be the Associate Grand Guardian of the State of California.

Now an FYI: Historically the Job’s Daughters organization has required that the young lady have Masonic relationship i.e. Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Guardian, etc. by blood or marriage. This is no longer the case. If a Master Mason would like to sponsor a young lady who they feel would benefit from an organization like Job’s Daughters, the Mason may sign their petition for membership. Even if that is not possible please let us know if there are young ladies who are interested, we may be able to find a Mason who would like to help.

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