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Masonic Family Corner

Bethel 1, Dublin greeted a new member December 15, 2021 for initiation. It was a very special and nice evening. We are looking forward to having Bailey as an active member. The Bethel daughters are hoping that they can use the ritual they have learned to tell the story of Job to new members as they initiate more members. Our Bethel will hold an Installation of officers January 8, 2022 at the Castro Valley Masonic Center. We are always looking forward to greeting adult leaders of our Masonic family. Job’s Daughters starts welcoming girls at age 9 to participate in our Bee Hive, these young ladies are called JD to Bee’s. They are welcome to be a part of the fun events as well as the community projects and in time become one of our Bethel daughters. Fraternally, William Ferrell, Associate Guardian Bethel No. 1

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