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Call Out to ALL Masonic Families!!

I have a request. I write to you as a granddaughter of a Master Mason. Sadly, he never shared with my mother or me that we could have joined any number of groups that were Masonically affiliated. My great grandmother was a member of Eastern Star. One would think that I would have had the privilege to join something special. I was never told about anything. Years go by, I get married and have a daughter. Thankfully, my father-in-law asked if my daughter could join Job’s Daughters. I reluctantly agreed, however, then I did not understand not only the great joy that it would bring to my daughter’s life, but mine as well. So, I issue you all this challenge!

If you have grandchildren and many of you do, do them the favor and share with them their opportunity to become part of a fraternity or sorority type organization that builds friendships and brotherhood / sisterhood for a lifetime. Help build this magnificent order back to times when there were not just a few members, but enormous numbers. Let’s bring back something from yesteryear that promotes fun and pride.


Dee Dee Myers, granddaughter of Melvin J. Berry, Past Master, Lassen Masonic Lodge No 149 and Chairman of Paraphernalia, Bethel No. 1 Dublin

We would love to have your granddaughters or great-granddaughters join us for some fun:

Friday, May 31st, 2019 - Guide Project - Hawaiian Luau - Castro Valley Masonic Lodge $20.00 per adult.

We will be going dark for a short time and would suggest that anyone interested please check out our website.

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