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Masonic Family Corner

My name is Lexi H. and I am a Job’s Daughter who belongs to Bethel No. 1, Dublin. I would like to share my fantastic experience that I recently had while taking a “Jobie” trip to Pasadena.

Job’s Daughters were asked as part of the Masonic family if we would like to help decorate the Shriner’s Hospital Float in the parade. I have just turned 12 and was not able to participate, however, my mom and some of my Bethel sisters shared the fun working with sticky glue and fresh flowers. I hope we get the chance again next year.

We also brought in the New Year with many other Bethel’s who had traveled from Northern and Southern California and stay at the Covina House. We rang in the New Year Nebraska time celebrating Job’s Daughters 100 year anniversary, and then we did it again at midnight our time.

I would like to thank all the Masonic organizations that helped give my Bethel an experience that will be cherished for a lifetime

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