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Shut-in or Sheltering In Place - Lodge Officers Respond

Bro. Eric Korbas had an idea which he shared with the Master regarding the lodge calling our members who may be shut-in or sheltering-in-place, and who may not easily be able to or safely be able to get food, medical supplies, and other essentials.

The Master has asked him to chair a committee to identify, contact, and perhaps run some errands to allow our more at-risk Masonic Family members to remain safely sheltered.

We will start by reaching out to our lodge widows and members who are 70+ in the Bay Area to do a needs analysis.

Eric will be looking for other brethren, who may now have some time on their hands due to temporary company shutdowns, who would be willing to help out in some way. He has identified and can provide appropriate personal protective equipment so that these deliveries might be done with the low level of risk.

If you think you might be interested in helping make calls or making deliveries, please reach out to

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