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The Expendables - or Let Your Officers Take One for the Team

By Andrew Hawes, Sr. Deacon

These are trying times for everyone. Even those of us blessed with good health are feeling the impacts of the pandemic, and are worried - not only about remaining healthy, but about our friends, family, and brethren.

As everyone has heard, those who are more advanced in years are more likely to experience serious complications and may even die if they contract Covid-19. There are many brethren in our lodge who are “carrying the weight” of more than 60 years of life. You must therefore take even more care to avoid contracting this Novel Coronavirus.

As Masons, we are obliged to care for one another, and to hold regular meetings - but how can we do both in our current situation, without increasing the risk of exposing our brethren to more risk? Enter the lodge officers. Our Worshipful Master, Senior, and Junior Wardens have crafted a plan to meet at the lodge with only three - just enough to allow us to open our lodge for the April Stated meeting. Thus we can keep the Light burning strong at Crow Canyon, while keeping the doors locked. This will help flatten the curve to reduce the chances of spreading anything but friendship and brotherly love to our brethren.

We encourage everyone to please keep social contact in-person to a minimum - but that doesn't mean you should not reach out through telephone or video calls, send emails, and continue to keep in contact with each other.

Most all of us have email and telephones in this Information Age - don't let 'sheltering in place' become 'hiding in isolation' - stay in touch with your friends, family, and brethren.

Share news, play games online, text chess moves to one another. Let the “Expendables” go out into the world and take the risks, for now, and stay safe, healthy, and happy at home.

Stay healthy my brethren!

Editor’s note: Andrew wanted everyone to know that this article was written with the hope of sharing a little humor during these challenging times. Of course, none of us are truly expendable. We love and value each and everyone of our members, families and friends.

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